Support Services

Recognizing that no two families are the same, here are some of the core services we offer. Please contact us for further inquiries.

Prenatal Visit(s)

How many visits you want or need are up to you. We use these so we can get to know each other and so we may get to know your space. Where laundry can be found, what your favourite coffee/tea is, how to work your kitchen appliances and so on. This is paramount for our ability to come in and help without asking a million questions!

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Whole Family Care

Care for each member of the family includes feeding pets, helping older children with the transition to siblinghood, listening to partner concerns and questions, allowing partners to rest and replenish, being mindful of postpartum mood disorders in birthing and non-birthing persons, plus so much more. Childbirth and babies bring growth and change to every family dynamic and we’re happy to assist in this tender transition any way we can.

Preemie Support

Life in the NICU is fucking hard. Sorry for the language if it’s not your thing, but that’s a fact! Baby may not be going home quite yet, but there are many things you may want or need help with. We’ll check on pets, swap out clothing, drop off preemie diapers, bring you coffee and snacks that aren’t from a vending machine, and sit and chat as long as you need. When you’re faced with the adjustment of bringing baby home and away from constant monitoring, we will be there to help you prepare as best as possible and to remind you that… You’ve got this!

Appointment Accompanying

Our services include coming along for any appoint you see fit. If it’s for extra hands to hold your bundle, hands to hold yours, or simply a second pair of eyes to check out a daycare with you – we am here for it. 

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Feeding Support

Regardless of your choice in feeding method, we support you and we can help. We offer breast/chest feeding support, knowledge and care tips, as well as knowing when an issue is beyond the scope of a Postpartum Doula. Questions about formula types, ways to reduce gas naturally, and how to sterilize all of those bottles? We have answers, and when we don’t know the answer —we will research it or pass forward a resource that’s sure to help. Most of all, We are happy to sterilize those bottles and pumps for you, while you soak up those fresh baby snuggles or take some self-care time.

Light House Tasks

We’ve all got them. Dishes, laundry, floors to be swept, and more. Chores wait for no one and it is a stress for all persons, Whether you are also caring for a very cute, very tiny —very demanding— human, looking after a c-section wound, or recovering after surrogacy. Luckily, we have you covered. Take time to tend to your needs and let me do the rest.


“She is the source of life. But if her cup runs dry, nobody drinks”

– the first forty days by Heng Ou.

Healing is supported by nourishing the body. We support your rest and recovery by making healthy snacks or smoothies and helping with meal prep. Additionally, preparing snacks for siblings and partners is a great way for me to help every family thrive. Between meeting you prenatally to talk all about postpartum preparation ideas, or creating a meal train within your community, We’ve got you covered! Let’s talk about your food preferences and get started.

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Infant Skills & Care

Something interesting about Lauren’s past is that she has over a decade of experience working with young children (mostly babies!). She is full of infant care expertise in swaddling techniques, sleeping tips, soothing tricks, and bath time basics. In addition, She has supported families through transitions such as teething, the switch to solid food, and returning to work. Postpartum care doesn’t have to be limited to newborn days.

Surrogacy Support

Surrogates are superheroes. To carry a child into this world for another family is incredibly honourable. However, the logistics and feelings after baby are not forgotten by us. Wesee you healing from your birth, coping with birth trauma, possibly pumping for the intended parents. We know you need good nutrition, less pressure at home to keep up with it all, and maybe a really warm hug. Postpartum emotions don’t go away with the baby, and we get that. 

Weaning/Solid Food Transition/Back to Work Support

Postpartum isn’t only about those newborn days — it’s life after baby. That being said, we offer guidance throughout the first year. Transitions such as independent sleeping, weaning, heading back to work, introducing solid foods, and teething often make the first year full of challenges. As your doula, we are the expert in planning, helping you reach goals, and keeping you informed. We come loaded with tips and tricks to help with all of these parenting curve balls.

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Sibling Adjustment

Bringing a baby into the world of an older child is a heartwarming experience, but it isn’t without its own challenges. As your doula, we love spending time with your children and reminding them what important family members they are. As well, we are happy to baby snuggle while you take the time to be present with your older child(ren). We come stocked with tips to help guide the whole family during this tender time.

Text/Email/Call Support

We are here for you. Starting a couple of weeks before your due date. If you have questions, concerns, or you simply want to talk it out, contact us via text, email, or call and we’re happy to help. Business hours will apply.

Resources & Lending Library

With the purchase of any package (excluding the Online Support option) you and your family will have access to my continually growing lending library as well as a plethora of community resources!

A special note for Online Only clients: If you require a community resource found in your location, I will always do my best to source it for you.

Doula Knowledge

One of the big differences between Doula support and family support is our wealth of knowledge. We offer evidence-based information, expertise, and a deep passion for witnessing families find their confidence.

Sliding-Scale Pricing

Fees include all services above. Payment plans are available, however 50% of fees must be paid before the contract start date. Pricing shown below is per hour. Trading of services may be accepted as partial or full payment.

$20.00 —— $32.00

You choose a price within the two above that you are comfortable with. No questions asked!

Hours may be purchased in batches of 20 or more.

Additional Services:

*New* Postpartum Planning Session

In-home, or online, private learning session offered to parents prenatally. During these sessions, we will discuss and create an action plan for your postpartum, expectations vs potential reality, setting healthy boundaries, baby wearing, feeding & infant care, mental health awareness, and more! Book your spot via email.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This service is $95.00 per family. Available for purchase with Postpartum hours above or as a separate purchase. 

Online Postpartum Coaching

It is not everyone’s first choice to have an extra person in their home after birth and that is totally okay! If you want your space, but need a little support too, than this service is perfect for you. We offer a base of 5 hours (more available for a fee) of video chatting, unlimited emails/texts during our contract, postpartum planning tips, meal train set-up, helpful resources and pdf handouts, as well as recipes and evidence-based knowledge. This service includes a free 45 min consultation via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Online coaching is $160.00 and $25.00 per hour each additional hour added.

The Quick Call

This brand new service is available to anyone. You can be an existing client or a stranger to Mama Miller Doula. It is a 40 minute call or video chat to get some immediate postpartum help such as a feeding struggle, how to handle housework and newborn care, or tummy time questions.

This call can also be simply to chat. No matter what issues you face as a postpartum person (or what feelings you’re currently navigating) we want to make sure you know you are never alone. Please note Postpartum Doulas are not medical professionals and we will advise you to seek medical attention if the topic is out of our scope of practice.

The fee for this service is $25.00 for 40 minutes.