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Helping Toddler Adjust

Introducing Baby Two

Special Needs Resources

Early Childhood Support

My Child Without Limits

Special Education Toolkit

Erb’s Palsy Information

Family Resources

Best Start

Families Canada

Black Youth Helpline:  1-833-294-8650 


Alternative Feeding Information

Alternative Methods (Video)

Premature Babies: Feeding Methods & Nutritional Requirements

Pumping Information for Premature Babies

Pumping Tips

Formula Feeding Information

Amount & Schedule Formula Feedings

Formula Comparison Chart

Infant Stomach Size

Bodyfeeding Information

International Breastfeeding Centre (Dr Jack Newman Clinic)


La Leche League Canada

Bodyfeeding & Returning to School (Guide for Youth Parents)


Baby Led Weaning Information

Food Readiness Guide

Homemade Baby Pureé Recipes

Infant Care

Baby Carrying

Safety Guide

How to Choose a Carrier (Video)

Bathing Information

Delayed Bathing Position Paper

Sponge Bath Tutorial (Video)

Infant Tub Bath Tutorial (Video)

Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Installation

Harness User Guide

Winter Car Seat Safety

Transit Canada: Child Car Seat Safety

Umbilical Cord Care 101

Mayo Clinic Dos and Donts

Royal College of Midwives Cord Care Guide

Diapering 101

Choosing Cloth or Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diapering Complete Guide

Diaper Rash Guide

Guide for Diapering

Infant Laundry

Cleaning Baby Clothes

Fabric Softener Information (See Flammability)

Infant Sleep

Infant Sleep Chart (Evidence Based)

How to Soothe Baby

Milestones Checklist

CDC Developmental Milestones

Pathways Early Development Milestones (In Depth Approach)

Tummy Time

Importance of Tummy Time

Tummy Time Newborn Technique(Video)

Postpartum Exercise

After Caesarean Exercises

Exercises for First Six Weeks

Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises (Video)

Returning to Exercise

Sarah Beth Postnatal Yoga

Postpartum Health

Caesarean Birth Healing

Procedure & Recovery Outlook

Recovery Essentials

Pelvic Health

Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support

Pelvic Floor Basics (Video)

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Postpartum Mood Disorder Information

Check From The Neck Up

Edinburgh Scale (Postpartum Depression)

Paternal Depression Information

Postpartum Depression FAQs

Tips for Postpartum Partners

Postpartum Nutrition

Nutrition Guide

Postpartum Nutrition Guide with Q & A


Combatting Sleep Loss

Postpartum Insomnia

Side-Laying Nursing (Video)

Vaginal Birth Healing

Recovery Tips

Recovery Checklist

Sex & Relationships

Postpartum Sex 

Dad (or non-birthing partner) Guide to Sex After Birth

Contraceptive Options

Mayo Clinic: Sex After Pregnancy

Relationship Information

Finding Time for Each Other

Important Discussion Topics