6 Holiday Gifts for the Expecting Person

It’s the time of the year for gift-giving! I can’t be the only one who gets butterflies when I know I have found the perfect little something for someone special. The lightbulb goes off and then watching them unwrap makes time stop. I may be romanticizing gifts but I just LOVE it.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

That being said, gifts do not always have to be material items. Think outside of the box store and look for handmade goods, food items, secondhand wonders, and experiences. Things are really what make life memorable, moments are.

I’ve picked the items below because they could be of help or comfort to someone expecting, or holding a new bundle, this season. They are also all local businesses (plus one non for profit) that could use extra love and support this year!

Holiday Gifts for Your Expecting Person

  1. Onderbroeks Robe 

Postpartum magic lives inside of these STUNNING pieces. Not only are they the perfect thing to wear during the lay-in time post-birth, but they also make a great accent piece later on.

  1. All The Rave Cloth Pads

Save the planet one period (or a lot of postpartum bleeding) at a time with these handmade reusable cloth pads. They come in different sizes and quirky patterns!

  1. Purebalanxed 

I didn’t place a product here because as far as I’m concerned, Pure Balanxed is as comfortable as it gets. You really can’t go wrong with a crew or joggers though. Pure Balanxed clothes are made in Canada from ethically sourced fabrics.

Me wearing one of many of my Pure Balanxed pieces, a ridiculously comfy top!
Photo Courtesy of Kendra Deen
  1. Whitney Haynes Jewelry 

Whitney’s pieces all feel like they have a beautiful story behind them. Gifting her pieces to someone special is simply sweet. If your expecting person has let you in on the name of baby you should check out her hand stamped pieces. I have one and I adore sporting my girls’ initials. Follow the link above for gifts under $100!

  1. LadyBug Cleaners

Stick with me because house cleaning may seem like a boring gift, but I assure you, it is not. Many, if not every, new parent struggles with keeping it all up after birth. The truth is, no one should care. But the reality is that most of us like to see our house clean. Gifting a couple of weeks or months of cleaning service would be a gift that’s not soon forgotten!

  1. Childbirth Courses by Doula Support Foundation

If your expecting loved one hasn’t already signed up for a childbirth course, there is a ton of value in doing so through the Doula Support Foundation. You will be funding their learning experience and therefore gifting them confidence and empowerment. How special is that?

This season, spread gifts of kindness and love, we all know we need it! 

With love, laughter, and holiday magic,

Mama (Lauren) Miller

Feature Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

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